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Youtube playlist length is a collection of YouTube user-created videos. You can post it to your channel or send it to a friend. You can also allow other creators to add content to your playlists. It also can be named as an item of media-structured in chronological order, and it includes the videos you like to watch. You may also create your own playlists or view someones playlists in public. Playlists are added with the creation date, showing how long ago they were created.

Playlist length is usually measured in minutes, but its possible to divide it up into hours and specify that the video can last for 50 minutes. Mostly YouTube visitors prefer to use Youtube Playlist Lengths to get some profit. They list their videos for the potential sponsorship opportunities on Youtube. Ads, events, or sponsored products on their blogs and chanels are some of such options.

But here is one thing: its not easy enough to find the specific playlist length because this process isnt completely described anywhere. I have spent some time and generated several ideas for measuring the length of the YouTube playlist. So, youre welcome to try this out by yourself with the help of this article.

How to see How Long a YouTube Playlist is

Here are some of the best ways to measure the length of a YouTube playlist. With the help of these methods, you can easily measure how long is this youtube playlist. Try to use all of them until you find the most comfortable in usage for yourself. Lets start.

Playlist Length Duration Calculator

The first one, but the most common one is Extensions using. Open your Chrome browser and download this one. Enable. After its done go to any random YouTube playlist dashboard. Check the duration of the playlist under the title.

Playlist Length Duration Calculator

Playlist Total Duration Calculator

Quite a similar extension, so there is no need to explain what is that. Here is the link for downloading. Once you open it starts working automatically. If your playlist is long enough (contains many videos) youll need to scroll to the end of the playlist so that it counts them properly.

YouTube Playlist Length Counting Tool

And we go on. This method is also very simple and you need to open your Mobile/Desktop browser of Chrome first. Search for the Enter your playlists URL into the text line and press Get Length. It will calculate your playlists length in a few seconds. Well done.

YouTube Playlist Length Counting Tool

YouTube Playlist Total Time Guide: Final Words

In this article we were trying to answer all the relevant questions about calculating playlists length. You may count any persons public playlist with those methods no limits. That makes sence if youre a blogger or youtuber. If you were worried How long is my youtube playlist? I guess you got the answer now. Personally Ive tried all of them and my favorite on is a Counting tool from the previous section. But its just my opinion.

Feel free to share your thoughts about new duration calculators, length counting methods or anything else. And keep on reading our latest articles and getting useful advice.

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